Cable Beach

Broome is world famous for its sunsets, beaches, and coastal photography, home to the natural phenomenon and frequently photographed 'Staircase to the Moon.' Broome is overflowing with the richness of history and cultures, as the pearling industry of the late 1800's brought Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, European and Aboriginal peoples and cultures together for the first time.

Living in Kununurra, Broome is our nearest major town, a 10-hour drive across the desert - from the edge of the East Kimberley to the West Kimberley. During COVID-19 border restrictions in Western Australia, limiting our ability to visit the Northern Territory, Broome also become our closest destination for a holiday. Having lived much of my adolescence and early adulthood along the coast in Mandurah, I craved to share with our girls the joys of long walks along the sand, the smell of salt on a coastal breeze and the endless horizons and sunsets that only come from being near the ocean, and which honestly shaped much of my life before moving to Kununurra.

For a little over a week we had the joy of spending afternoons beach combing at Cable Beach, exploring the rock pools during low tide that filled with a new array of shells, snails and all other manner of marine life. In the background, we'd watch the iconic camels stroll along, while the girls raced along by foot, bicycle or walker.

Our last evening was particularly memorable when the lingering volcanic plume from a recent eruption in Tonga caused the most spectacular sunset that intensified the sky a rich ochre red. We took the opportunity to get a family photo with our beloved 'Old Girl car' which had served us faithfully as we travelling across the state in the few weeks prior.