From Tropics to Desert Sands

One of my favourite reasons for living in Kununurra is being constantly surrounded by a vast and transforming environment, which makes our region such a unique and yearned place to travel. From mountains to plains, rivers to lakes, and tropics to desert sands - there is never a dull photograph, when capturing moments amongst the ever-changing landscapes of the East Kimberley.

One late afternoon during the Hot Season, as the thunderstorm clouds began to roll over, tempting us with the cooling rain that can sometimes be many months in-between, we crossed the mighty Ivanhoe with our trusty and affectionately named 'Old Girl car' to seek out yet another new place to explore. I couldn't resist bringing out my camera to photograph our girls as they danced in their gumboots, built towers from stone, and dug with bones - as we stumbled upon the hapless remains of a local bovine long past.

It is being able to document treasured memories like these that first drew me to becoming a photographer - and I hope that when our girls leave the nest that if they take nothing else, they will hold onto these photos and remember how lucky we all were, to live in one of the most remote and free places on Earth.

Miriwoong Country

The traditional lands of Miriwoong peoples is vast and expansive. Kununurra sits squarely in the heart of Miriwoong Country which also includes regions to the south along the Ord River, north towards present day 'Carlton Hill Station', upriver to 'Ivanhoe Station' and beyond into the Northern Territory across Keep River National Park, west to Molly Springs and also parts of Lake Argyle (Mirima Dawang Woorlab-Gerring, 2017).