Mother pushing son in wheelchair along the beach

Robyn & Ocean

Every 4-6 months, my youngest daughter (who has cerebral palsy) and I make the trip from Kununurra to Perth to access much needed medical care that isn't offered in our town. Last year, while Ivy was attending appointments, I spotted Robyn and her son Ocean from across the room. I connected with Robyn instantly, she is a ray of sunshine. Our shared experiences of motherhood, constant medical appointments for our kids, the NDIS and our passion for disability representation meant that we got on like a house on fire!

It was a privilege to witness and photograph the bond that Robyn & Oashie have. For Robyn's motherhood photography session we strolled down to Robyn & Ocean's favourite spot at Scarborough beach and watched as the sun set over the coast.

Photograph of mother and son kissing
Photograph of mother and son in wheelchair
Photograph of mother and son with disability
Mum kissing disabled son whose smiling
Motherhood Photography session
Motherhood Photography session embracing
Candid photograph of mum holding son at the beach during a photography session
Fun poses during a beach photography session
Mum smiling at son during Motherhood Photography session
Family Photography session with mum spinning son
Mother and son smiling during portrait photography
Happy mother and son at the beach having their photo taken
Sun setting on the beach, mother and son having their photograph taken by a photographer