A Tasmanian Elopement at Eagles Nest Retreat.

Mel and Ben, or "MAB" as they call themselves, are a match made in heaven. When they met 5.5 years ago their lives couldn't be more different. In the beginning, their relationship was a professional one, but even in the early stages it was clear that there was an instant friendship and undeniable connection.

They married on the 30th of December 2022, travelling from their home in Perth to Tasmania, on the other side of Australia. Just 10 minutes from the quaint town of Sheffield, they made their promises to each other in front of the majestic Mount Roland.

Their afternoon was a rainy one, but it did not dampen their joy and energy. I got to witness them dance. laugh and be completely themselves.

I am so proud of this film, as I know it reflects their fun loving and quirky personalities perfectly.

Mel & Ben,

When you watch this film, I hope that it brings you back time and time again to the special day you shared. In 10,20,50 years time I promise you won't see any imperfections - you will only feel the intense love, joy and connection that you two have.

Love, Tarna xx

Stills from the Film